About Clinical Research

The Role of Healthy Volunteers:

Volunteers are needed to test these new drugs! Healthy volunteers are always needed! For a few hours, days or weeks of your time, you can help make it possible for new drugs to reach the market. Patient volunteers are always needed too! Imagine participating in a study that may help improve your condition while getting some compensation at the same time. The amount of time required will vary from study to study. Some studies are out-patient and take up a few hours per visit. Other studies require you to stay overnight at a clinic for one or more nights.

When you participate in a study, you are volunteering to be there. You may quit at any time for any reason. If you feel that your health is at risk or your just not comfortable with being in the study, you can withdraw your consent at anytime. Be aware that if you do quit early, your payment will be reduced. You will only be paid for the time spent in the clinic.

Wonder what you can expect to do all day? Check out a sample schedule!

Part 1 – What Is Clinical Research?

Part 2 – Different Types of Studies

Part 3 – The Role of Clinical Research Facilities

Part 4 – The Role of Healthy Volunteers

Part 5 – The Role of Patient Volunteers

Part 6 – The Typical Volunteer

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