Screening at The Clinic

The clinic screening usually takes place a few days to four weeks before the first check in day. The window will vary depending on the sponsor and clinic requirements.

Before You Go In:

Before a clinic screening, there are a few things you need to know. These are general guidelines but be sure to listen to the phone recruiter and ask any questions you may have.

Generally, 24-72 hours before the screening you need to:

  1. Stop consuming alcohol
  2. Stop consuming caffeine products (can cause irregular vital and ECG readings)
  3. Stop consuming products with poppy seeds (can cause you to fail drug screen)
  4. Stop exercising or heavy workouts (this can adversely affect your clinical labs)
  5. Not consume any grapefruit or grapefruit products
  6. Continue not smoking, doing illegal drugs and taking any medications or over the counter drugs. The actual washouts are probably longer but definitely don’t start up again!
  7. Drink plenty of water, about 2 liters of water a day is average for most people


The blood tests you will have require you to fast for 8 to 10 hours prior to the test. This means that you cannot eat anything 8 to 10 hours before your screening and or check in. Any consumption of foods can affect the lab tests and may disqualify you from the study. You may however and should drink plenty of water during the fasting period.


Most clinics ask that you come alone. You will be doing various tasks throughout the screening process and will not have time to visit with your family anyhow. There’s usually limited room in the waiting areas and clinics need that space for volunteers and staff.

Part 1 – Before You Go In

Part 2 – Informed Consent

Part 3 – Laboratory Screening

Part 4 – Physical Screening

Part 5 – 24 hr Heart Monitor

Part 6 – Repeats

Part 7 – Disqualification

Part 8 – Payment for Screening

Part 9 – Selection Process