About This Site

The world of Clinical Research revolves around the willingness of ordinary people to volunteer their time and bodies to test new drugs to treat everything from cold and flu medicines to vaccines and treatments for illnesses and diseases.  Without volunteer hosts to subject themselves to the rigors of chemical imbalances, it would not be possible for better and more effective drugs to reach the market.  When you volunteer for a study, you may receive compensation or what most would refer to as a token of appreciation, but what you really get is the knowledge and pride that you have helped medical science move one step closer to treating or curing a disease or illness.

By using this site, you may gain a better understanding about the need for clinical research and the role of volunteers.  By taking some time out of your schedule, you can participate in a study and earn some extra cash while providing vital data for medical science.

Some people like to do studies near their home while others like myself, enjoying having the opportunity and the privilege to travel this great country while participating in studies in distant cities.  This site has been redone with an emphasis on traveling volunteers.  Not only can you find out information about clinics, you can also find out local information like bus stations, airports and hotels.

If this is your first visit, please click here.  Once you have a good understanding of what clinical research is all about, you can locate a clinic and sign up for a study.  Hope this site helps you out!

This site is free for everyone to use.  I hope that you find this site to be the best source of information on the web and that your willing to contribute any knowledge you might have through the forum.