Travel Information – General

Traveling around the country can be one of the greatest experiences you can have whether your participating in studies or not.  If you do decide to travel for studies, you need to do a lot of planning in order to make your trip as inexpensive and enjoyable as possible.  The following is some information that I’ve learned over the years that has helped me with my travels.

Planning for your study:
– Make sure you arrive at lease 1 day before the screening and or check in. It is not wise to plan on arriving a few hours beforehand because you never know if there will be a delay due to traffic, weather or just bad luck.

– Try to get studies where the screening date and the check in dates are as close as possible. If that is not possible, consider making two trips but only buy your ticket for the screening until you know your in the study (if time permits). However, keep in mind that your best to screen at the earliest screening but it’s hard to judge how many people will pass the screenings.

– Clinics do not reimburse you for your travel expenses nor do they pay for your screening. Travel to a clinic is at your own expense and risk. It’s best to do a study near you first if possible so that way you’ll have a good idea if you meet the general qualifications.

– Save any receipts from airfare, hotels, buses, eating out, gas and any other expenses incurred in screening and doing a clinical research study. You may be able to deduct some or all of these expenses. Consult a tax professional for further information.

– Make sure everything you pack will be acceptable at the clinic. Refer to this list for general information