Types of Clinical Research Studies 

Types Of Studies Part 1:

There are 2 main types of studies:

In-Patient studies are conducted at a Clinical Research Facility. Studies will last between one and thirty nights or more. The study may have one period or there may be multiple stays. In order to participate in an In-Patient study, you must be available to stay at the facility without leaving for the entire duration of the stay and or stays. That means you are at there 24 hours a day! In addition to the In-Patient stay, you may also be required to come in for one or more Out-Patient visits. These visits usually pay between $50 to $100 and are factored into the payment.

Here is a chart to give you a good idea of what payments to expect for the amount of days spent in a study. These are broad and most clinics will be in the middle of the range. The payment depends on the amount and intensity of the procedures you will be required to complete during the study. This chart is based on total payment based on number of days spent in the clinic and any potential Out-Patient visits. This chart is for reference only as there is no standard for clinics to base their pay on.

Up to 3 days – $400 to $800
Up to 6 days – $500 to $1500
Up to 10 days – $1000 to $2000
Up to 14 days – $1500 to $3000
Up to 19 days – $2500 to $4000
Up to 25 days – $3500 to $5000
Up to 30 days – $4500 to $6000
31 days or more – $5000 and up

Out-Patient studies are consists of one or more visits to a Clinical Research Facility. Most visits last from one hour to three or four depending on the nature of the visit. While some healthy studies are done solely with Out-Patients, you will see far more patient studies done this way. Patient meaning people with the symptoms that the drug is meant to treat. Unfortunately, most Out-Patient studies will not pay nearly as much as In-Patient studies. Typical pay ranges from $50 to $200 per visit and depending on the study, you may receive a completion bonus after the study is done.

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