About Clinical Research

The Role of Clinical Research Facilities:

Clinical Research Facilities are contracted by Pharmaceutical companies to test new investigational drugs. The Clinics conduct studies according to the objectives of the company sponsoring the study. The Clinic will recruit the necessary volunteers based on criteria outlined by the sponsor. Once a panel of qualified volunteers are selected, the Clinic will carry out the study and then report it’s findings to the sponsor. These types of clinics are also known as Contract Research Organizations.

While most studies are conducted by contracted Clinical Research Facilities, some Pharmaceutical companies have their own in house Clinical Research Facility where a portion of the studies are done. Many Universities conduct Clinical Research Studies as well as hospitals. Studies conducted by hospitals and Universities are generally out-patient and pay less than a contracted company.

Depending on the size of the clinic, there may be one or more doctors running the studies, also known as Principle Investigators. The study doctor ensures that the study is carried out according to protocol and you will be the PI for a screening physical and periodically throughout the study. If you have any specific questions about a study, the PI will be the best person to answer them, time permitting.

Part 1 – What Is Clinical Research?

Part 2 – Different Types of Studies

Part 3 – The Role of Clinical Research Facilities

Part 4 – The Role of Healthy Volunteers

Part 5 – The Role of Patient Volunteers

Part 6 – The Typical Volunteer

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