About Clinical Research

The Role of Patient Volunteers:

This is where the rubber meets the road. Patient volunteers make up the bulk up the volunteers who test potential drugs. Once the drug is deemed safe in a healthy person and known side-effects are discovered, the drug is tested for proof of concept. People who have the disease or condition that the drug has been developed for are needed to see if the drug actually works. Most of the early patient studies, late Phase I, will be done in-house at a clinic with subjects staying 1 or more nights. These studies will pay relative to healthy in-house studies. Most of the Phase II and III studies will be done as out-patient visits. Commercial clinics, hospitals and community clinics will conducts these studies. The pay will be significantly less as the main benefit of participating in a patient study is the possibility of better ways to manage or treat your condition. Depending on the study, you may receive a placebo or the actual study drug.

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