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Find a Patient Clinic


If you have a medical condition that prevents you from participating in a healthy Phase I study, you may be able to participate in a patient study.


Below are many of the patient clinics that conduct primarily Phase II-IV studies in the US.  There are thousands but these are the bigger ones with web presences. 


It is important to note that with patient studies, you typically have to have a condition in order to participate.  This may be as simple to having elevated blood pressure or cholesterol to having been diagnosed and being treated for just about any medical condition.  There are also flu vaccinations, cold, allergies, pain and skin studies that may be open to a wider pool of volunteers.  It is also important to note that many patient clinics do not do a high volume of studies.  A study may require hundreds if not thousands of volunteers and can take months to years for a clinic to complete a study.  So don't expect a clinic to have a new study every month. 

All studies are subject to capacities, change and or cancellation. 


If you are the recruiter for a patient clinic and would like your clinic to be listed, please email me.


I have included the Information tag for some clinics which do some healthy studies but not enough to call it a Phase I clinic. 




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Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic

Birmingham Radiant Research
Huntsville Accelovance



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Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations

Gilbert Clinical Research Advantage
Glendale Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations
Mesa Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations
Phoenix Clinical Research Advantage 4 locations
Phoenix Elite Clinical Studies
Phoenix Premiere Research
Phoenix Radiant Research
Scottsdale Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations
Scottsdale Radiant Research
Tempe Clinical Research Advantage
Tucson Radiant Research



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Multiple Locations Citrials
Anaheim Anaheim Clinical Trials
Beverly Hills Osteoporosis Medial Center
Carlsbad Clinical Research Advantage


Comprehensive Clinical Development

Encino Pharmacology Research Institute
Glendale Parexel Information
Los Alamitos Pharmacology Research Institute
Los Angeles Advanced Sleep Medicine Services
Newport Beach Pharmacology Research Institute
North Hollywood Providence Clinical Research
Pasadena Lotus Clinical Research Information
Rolling Hills Estates Peninsula Research Associates
Sacramento Benchmark Research
San Diego Accelovance
San Francisco Benchmark Research
Santa Rosa Radiant Research
Vista Clinical Research Advantage
Widomar Elite Clinical Trials



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Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory

Colorado Springs Clinical Research Advantage 3 locations
Denver Radiant Research
Wheat Ridge Western States Clinical Research


District of Columbia

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Washington DC

Comprehensive Clinical Development



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Celebration Riffe Lifestyle Institute
Fort Myers Clinical Study Center
Ft Lauderdale Segal Institute - Atlantic Shores Hospital Information
Ft Lauderdale Segal Institute - Ft Lauderdale Hospital
Hollywood Segal Institute


CNS Healthcare

Jacksonville Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research
Lauderhill Segal Institute
Melbourne Accelovance
Miami Advanced Pharma CR
Miami Miami Jewish Health Systems
Miami Elite Research Institute
Miami Miami Dade Medical Research Institute
Miami Segal Institute - Florida Club
Miami Segal Institute - Gramercy Park
North Miami Segal Institute - North Miami OP Clinic
North Miami Segal Institute - Women's Health
Orlando CNS Healthcare
Orlando Compass Research
Orlando KGK
Orlando Riffe Lifestyle Institute
Orlando Orlando Clinical Research Center
Pembroke Pines Segal Institute
Sarasota Lovelace Scientific Resources
St Petersburg Comprehensive Clinical Development
St Petersburg Radiant Research
Venice Lovelace Scientific Resources



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Atlanta Comprehensive Clinical Development


Atlanta Radiant Research



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Multiple Locations Alexian Brothers Center for Psychiatric Research
Chicago Chicago Research Center
Chicago Radiant Research
Chicago Sleep, Metabolism, and Health Center
Peoria Accelovance



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Evansville Clinical Research Advantage 3 locations

South Bend




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Council Bluffs

Clinical Research Advantage



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Kansas City

Radiant Research



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Crestview Hills

Community Clinical Research



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New Orleans Benchmark Research
New Orleans NOCCR



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Bay State Clinical Trials



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Quest Research Institute

Kalamazoo Westside Family Medical Cneter



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Davita Clinical Research

Minneapolis Radiant Research



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St Louis

Radiant Research

St Louis St Louis Clinical Trials



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Billings Clinic



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Belleview Clinical Research Advantage
Elkhorn Clinical Research Advantage
Fremont Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations
Omaha Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations
Omaha Quality Clinical Research



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Henderson Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations
Las Vegas

Affiliated Clinical Research

Las Vegas Biosci Research America
Las Vegas Clinical Research Advantage 2 locations


New Jersey

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New Lawn TKL Research

New Mexico

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Lovelace Scientific Resources


New York

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Garden City Accumed Research Associates
New York City Manhattan Medical Research
Queens Comprehensive Clinical Development


North Carolina

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Carolinas Research Associates



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Akron Radiant Research
Cincinnati Community Clinical Research - Red Bank Expy
Cincinnati Community Clinical Research Information
Cincinnati Radiant Research
Cleveland Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit
Columbus Radiant Research



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Summit Research



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Suburban Research Associates


South Carolina

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Anderson Radiant Research
Charleston Segal Institute - OP Clinic
Charleston Segal Institute - Palmetto Lowcountry
Greer Radiant Research

Mt Pleasant

Coastal Carolina Research



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CNS Healthcare



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Benchmark Research

Austin Community Clinical Research

DermResearch Inc

Austin Future Search Trials
Austin Lovelace Scientific Resources

MetaClin Research


Premiere Research

Dallas Future Search Trials
Dallas Radiant Research
Ft Worth Benchmark Research
Houston Center for Clinical Studies
San Angelo Benchmark Research
San Antonio Clinical Trials of Texas
San Antonio Endeavor Clinical Trials
San Antonio

Paragon Research

San Antonio Radiant Research
San Antonio Sun Research Institute
San Antonio Texas Liver Institute



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Salt Lake City

Premiere Research

Salt Lake City Radiant Research



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Summit Research

Tacoma Comprehensive Clinical Development Information


Healthy Studies


Patient Clinics
Alabama Montana
Alaska Nebraska
Arizona Nevada
Arkansas New Hampshire
California New Jersey
Colorado New Mexico
Connecticut New York
Delaware North Carolina
District of Columbia North Dakota
Florida Ohio
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawaii Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
Illinois Rhode Island
Indiana South Carolina
Iowa South Dakota
Kansas Tennessee
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Utah
Maine Vermont
Maryland Virginia
Massachusetts Washington
Michigan West Virginia
Minnesota Wisconsin
Mississippi Wyoming











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